Empty pegs in a store mean an immediate loss of revenue. But with hundreds of thousands of SKUs in the average big box, how can you tell what’s available and what’s not?

With the Smart Peg solution developed by Smart Retail Systems and Intel, you can make out-of-stock events a thing of the past. The system will immediately notify you when a peg needs replenishment, ensuring customers always find fully stocked inventory.



Inventory systems tell you when products have arrived in the store and point of sale systems tell you when they depart. But how do you measure product velocity inside the store?

With the Smart Peg solution developed by Smart Retail Systems and Intel, you can now unlock the power of live inventory management.

Our solution tells you about product velocity where it matters most: at the point of decision.

The Smart Peg leverages the cloud to figure out when a potential shrink event is happening, alerting the retailer and deploying counter-measures appropriately if some suspect event is in progress.

Using modeling technology, the Smart Peg is capable of detecting patterns that may not be discernible to the naked eye and help reduce inventory reduction events substantially.



The Smart Peg solution has been designed to let retailers focus on what matters most instead of struggling with technology. Our easy to use setup and commissioning process allows most retailers to get started relatively quickly.

While other solutions in the market require costly build-out to drive electricity to your store aisle, Smart Peg is battery operated, making it easy to install and easy to maintain.

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