Introducing a new cutting edge smart shelf system for on-shelf availability.
Our thin and flexible mat simply sits on existing retail shelving and provides product count and SKU without the need for product tagging.


  • Reduced out of stock
  • Reduced shrinkage and theft
  • Planogram and supply chain optimization
  • Improved inventory management
  • Support for omnichannel initiatives


With the smart shelf system developed by Smart Retail Systems, you can now unlock the power of live inventory management, understand product velocity, and much more.



Smarter visual merchandising makes the difference between a sale and product just sitting on shelves. And in a world where e-commerce competes with physical shopping, appearances matter more than ever.

With the smart shelf system, you can now easily check what shelves look like in any stores at any time. The historical data helps you optimize and maximize the presentation of product to drive higher sell-through.

And this data can easily be integrated into your existing planogram compliance workflow, allowing smart brands to quickly identify the best opportunities to optimize their inventory presence.

The Smart Shelf has been designed to let retailers focus on what matters most instead of struggling with technology. Our easy to use setup and commissioning process allows retailers to get started with our smart shelf quickly and efficiently.

In the event a customer requires a single mat for testing and demonstration, customized mats may be purchased for $2,000.


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